Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bing language translator

I want to share link which can tranlate any language which is bing. Best thing is its detect source language automatically.

Bing Language Translator
Bing Language Translator

This is snapshot of link

Bing language translato

You can see in image how its detected turkish language automatically and translated to english correctly. Its time to learn more language translation using bing translator.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Learn Axapta functional concepts tips and tricks

This is good link to learn axapta functional concepts, tips and tricks. Click on following link to improve your functional knowledge of ax ERP.

Learn Axapta functional concepts tips and tricks
Learn Axapta functional concepts tips and tricks

In this link you will get information like project management,miscellaneous charges,inventory closing,direct and indirect costs,fiscal year,cross company ,task recorder,site and dimensions,purchase requisition,fixed assets,costs,ledger period,service tax,tds,CST,journals ,sales order ,purchase order etc.

I hope you will get good functional after reviewing all points of posts.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Web hosting and domain information

Before going to some tips and tricks of domain we should know first that what is domain? To know this you can visit link of Wikipedia

What is domain Name?

What is domain Name

In this link you could know about infrastructure of active directory,domain name extensions and meanings,web hosting,How to get domain registrations,Application domain etc.

I hope you will get enough information in above links about domain.

Link for Music Songs and notation to learn keyboard guitar

This is a good Link for Music Songs and notation to learn keyboard guitar and other western and classical music . These notation you can try with your instrument.

Music Songs and notation to learn keyboard guitar

To try with your instrument like keyboard or Casio you need to learn following thing first.

1. Seven sur Sa,re ,ga , ma,pa on all major and minor scales in below serials

This is good link to learn scales and chords of keyboard

Learn music on Keyboard
Learn music on Keyboard

2. Major and minor chords,
3. Understanding for rhythms.

In above link you can get some songs with notations. Just try to learn music for entertainment.

String manipulation tips in axapta

By this link you can get details of String manipulation tips in axapta. You can get details of string methods like strscan,strpoke,substr,strrem,strkeep,strdel,strins,string with container,get length of strings,string conversion to other types like date etc

String manipulation tips in axapta
String manipulation tips in axapta

Learn Sql queries and resolve Your troubleshootings

This is a good link where you can learn Sql queries and you can resolve your troubleshooting. To visit this link click on following

Sql Queries and troubleshooting
Sql Queries and troubleshooting

By this link you can learn about how to use group by clause ,aggregate methods in query, having clauses,like operators,Data types and type conversions,Handling null vaulues in query,Data formats and table creation etc.

I hope you will get lot of help in above link. Its good for beginner and database professionals.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome to VMOptions Web Directory

VMOptions is good website to get details of lot of websites or you can review lot websites by viewing details of websites on categories like Free Directories, SEO, Software, Clothing, Hotels, Jewelry, Finance, Gifts, Online Games, Automotive etc.

This is screenshot of website.

To visit this website click on link below


About Website-

VMOptions Web Directory is a website which   Using high editorial standards, and great listings, they  pleased to provide the Internet community with a well organized listing of the web’s most interesting and useful websites.They are   Locating specific websites of interest is easy using our directory search option to the left or by browsing the many available categories listed  in above image.

I hope you will get lot of knowledger from this site.

Get Latest Christian Songs Updates

This is a link where you can Get Latest Christian Songs Updates. Just visit on following link

Christian songs updates

This site shared information about













Learn Run commands for windows

This is good link to learn Learn Run commands for windows.

Run commands for windows

Run commands for windows

Here some examples

Add Hardware Wizard
Add/Remove Programs
Administrative Tools
control admintools
Automatic Updates
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard
Certificate Manager
Character Map
Check Disk Utility
Clipboard Viewer
Command Prompt
Component Services
Computer Management
Date and Time Properties
DDE Shares
Device Manager
Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)*
Direct X Troubleshooter
Disk Cleanup Utility
Disk Defragment
Disk Management
Disk Partition Manager
Display Properties
control desktop
Display Properties
Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected)
control color
Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility
Driver Verifier Utility
Event Viewer
File Signature Verification Tool
Folders Properties
control folders
control fonts
Fonts Folder
Free Cell Card Game
Game Controllers
Group Policy Editor (XP Prof)
Hearts Card Game
Iexpress Wizard
Indexing Service
Internet Properties

IP Configuration (Display Connection Configuration)
ipconfig /all
IP Configuration (Display DNS Cache Contents)
ipconfig /displaydns
IP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents)
ipconfig /flushdns
IP Configuration (Release All Connections)
ipconfig /release
IP Configuration (Renew All Connections)
ipconfig /renew

How to create Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 4.0,2012 Virtual PC

First way you can download  the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 ,4.0 or 2012Virtual PC software package from Microsoft partner site. Second way you can create it from your own PC.

 You can create own Virtual and Install AX and Get Demo data Database From Partner or Customer Source and Restore it to your environment.

If you Using Windows 7 ,Use Virtual Box or Vmware to Create Virtual Machine. This is the link to download virtual box

After Creating VM install Windows 2003 Enterprise x64 or Windows 2008 R2 then install SQL Server & AX2009 .

Free astrology to get solution for your problem instantly

This is good link which provide online free astrology information and predictions worldwide, free vedic astrology, free astrology, free horoscopes, free astro reports etc.

link is

Astrology Solution for your problems

This is Free astrology website  to get solution for your problem instantly. By visiting this site you can aware of Color astrology, Fruit Astrology ,Good-luck Charms, Celebrating India,2012 Astrology Forecast Free Daily Horoscope,2012 Chinese Forecast,Your Chinese Sign,Astrology Personality Analysis,Your Specific Traits,Astrology Love Profile,Your Ruling Number,Vedic Astrology ,Chinese Astrology etc

I hope you will enjoy with that .

Friday, October 26, 2012

stock broker online trading in India

If you are interested in Online Trading then Tap into Indian share market through Edelweiss this is  one of the best stock brokers in India.

To visit site click on below link

Now this is another good link .SMC Global is one of the largest stock exchange brokers in India, provides online stock trading, online commodities trading etc.


Link to know about Search engine marketing

This is Wikipedia link to know all about Search engine marketing. Wikipedia shares updated information about all sites. I would like your visit for every topic to Wikipedia.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing

Here is summary as screenshot.

Search engine marketing

To learn more about SEM visit this link

Monday, October 22, 2012

Microsoft dynamics axapta blog links for learning technical

These are good   blog links for Microsoft dynamics axapta  to learn technical  inside ax 

Dynamics Axapta Coverage and help materials or tutorials for developer using language x++
To get this blog you can search on google for keyword Dynamics Axapta Coverage.

  • Axapta helper

    Axapta helper is good blog to solve your application development issues. This site also contains some Microsoft Dynamics AX X++ Codes which is useful to solve your problems.

    Its good ax technical helper guide.This blog include code of all version of axapta like ax3.0, ax4.0, axapta 2009 and ax 2012.

    you can search following keyword on google to get website details.

    Axapta Helper

    If you are fully technical person of axapta then I hope this blog is helpful for you.

    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    Top Multilevel marketing companies in India

    These are  Top Multilevel marketing companies in India.

    Top Multilevel marketing companies

    Hindi blog link by Kumar Mukul

    These are good Hindi blog links by Kumar Mukul.

    links by Kumar Mukul

    SEO Blog tricks in hindi

    If you want to learn Some seo tricks then you can visit following link. Author written all post in hindi you can understand easily if you are hindi reader.

    Mostly we see all seo related post in english but I get one good link where all SEO related post written in hindi.

    Hindi blog tricks
    Hindi blogs

    Link for meri kalam se,poem gazal hindi

    These are good link for Ghazal,Self writeen poems etc. Its good to visit if you are interested in hindi writing.


    meri kalam se

    Create blog in wordpress

    This is right link to Learn how to create a blog site using WordPress. Find more about the best practices that will make your site a successful blog.

    Create blog or site in word-press
    Create blog or site in word-press

    you can also create blog in blogger which is easy but in wordpress  you need extra ordinary mind to create blog.

    Wordpress is good and performance is best. so just start your blogging and enjoy earning from adsense.

    Link for Online Movie Tickets Booking

    If you are searching for Link for Online Movie Tickets Booking in India then you can select anyone of below link

    Online Movie Tickets Booking
    Online Movie Tickets Booking

    Movie ticket Booking
    Movie ticket Booking

    Just you need to select locaiton movie name and date. You can get both link easily on searching on google website.

    Link for Torrent Search Engine for downloading softwares,movies,songs

    This is a Link for Torrent Search Engine for downloading softwares,movies,songs ,books,ebook and many more thing.

    To visit site click on below link

    Download from Torrent Search Engine

    Torrentz is a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of torrent search engines.

    You can use bittorrant software to start downloading from torrent file. I hope you understand how to use torrent search engine.

    Online fake mailer with attachments

    You can send mail to anyone without knowing you with other email also. Here is link to send mail with attachment of file.


    If you want to send simple message  with no attachment then you can use following link also.

    Both link is working fine but I suggest you do not misuse of both link  only if its helpful to you then you use it.

    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    Adsense revenue for lifetime

    If you Want a site that gives you lifetime 90% of Adsense revenue? Your wait is over, offers 90% of Adsense revenue for lifetime.

    For blogs owners, they are now accepting guest posts in PR4 site:

    Only high quality articles will be published to maintain the quality of the network.

    They do not accept posts by emails.They offer self service - you post yourself, and we will review, edit and publish within 24 hours.

    You can create one search engine friendly backlink to your blog/website that you want to promote. Theyuse AdSense in the articles and anything that is against AdSense T&C are not allowed.

    They do not allow "Author Bio", even though the article will be published in your name. The backlink should be from within the content and it should be relevant and related to the content.

    Here is a bonus for guest authors! You can link your AdSense account to your account and take the AdSense revenue from your own content.

    Most authors will get AdSense revenue for unlimited time but authors who post only articles with backlinks may get AdSense revenue for a limited time (1 ~ 2 years for each article)

    Friday, October 19, 2012

    Perfumes trading in India

    Most we search to buy perfumes in India. Lot of good brands of perfumes are
    Chambor, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, Pupa, Shiseido, YSL, Max Factor, Adolfo Dominguez, Agua Brava, Aigner, Antonio Banderas, Azzaro, Banana Republic, Bogart, Barbie, Clayeux, Kaloo Perfumes, Brittney Spear, Gant, GAP, FCUK, Gucci, Kenzo, Lanvin etc.

    I got two companies which is best in India on perfume trading.

    One is Intercraft Trading Pvt. Ltd, and second is Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Ltd. Both are mostly same company and head office is in Mumbai. Outlets and branches found in all over India.

    Address is as  under.

    Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Ltd
    66, 6TH Floor, Maker Chamber VI, Nariman Point, MUMBAI - 400021
    +(91)-(22)-22817766, 22873732, 22873733, 24922400         

    Intercraft Trading Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai.

    Office No 75, 2nd Floor, Nishuvi Building, Dr Annie Besant Road, Near Reserve Bank Of India, Worli, Mumbai, - 400018    
    022 - 43600600                             

    Company for Auditing as per the International Standards in Mumbai

    Sometimes we search to get right company for auditing works,Analysis (Identifying) Evaluation & Implementation Of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),Review of financial statements.Internal audit,Software & System Consultancy,Investment Advisory Services etc then you can refer below link.


    This firm is in Mumbai but works all over India. I hope you will get right place to resolve your audit problems.

    You could know strength of company by following link.

    strength of company

    Thursday, October 18, 2012

    Crocin syrup dose for kids

    We always worry about how much Crocin syrup dose for kids should be given at the time of fever. This is good link where someone answered clearly.

    Crocin syrup dose for kids

    Crocin syrup is good for frequent cold and cough, viral fever, fever in children but its temporary solution if fever goes for long and high then immediate take action to get help from professional doctor.

    In case of children do not try self but if not possible to reach at clinic and hospital on time then crocin is best to select your first choice.

    Dynamics AX and related MicroSoft Technologies

    This is good link to know more about dynamics axapta

    Dynamics AX and related Microsoft Technologies

    Dynamics AX and related Microsoft Technologies

    By using above link you could know about AX General ,Tips and Tricks ,DAX 2009 DAX 5.0 ,Troubleshooting ,Dynamics AX 2012 ,Dynamics AX 2009 ,X++ ,SQL ,VS2008 ,Dynamics AX ,DEV TOOLS ,AIF ,Enterprise Portal ,SSRS ,AOS ,Certification ,Sharepoint 2010 ,Cloud ,Dynamics AX 6.0 ,Azure ,Dynamics AX 2011 ,Functional ,AX Mobile ,General ,Others ,WCF ,Windows 8 ,MSMQ ,SAP ,Sharepoint ,Webcasts ,WiX ,AXG ,Books ,Dynamics AX Retail ,Hyper-V ,LINQ ,MOM Pack ,Retail ,SCOM ,VS 2010 ,Virtualization ,XML ,.Net BC ,AX ,CRM ,Clustering ,Credit Card Processing ,Dynamics AX Demand ,Dynamics ERP ,Dynamics NAV ,Dynamics World ,ERP General ,Excel 2010 ,IDMF ,Influential People Top 100 ,Jobs ,Kerberos ,MOSS 2007 ,Macros ,OLAP ,PDA ,Packt ,Powershell ,QAS ,Review ,SOA ,SQL Server ,SQL Server 2012 ,SQL Server CTE ,SSAS etc.

    Sunday, October 14, 2012

    Education Observer Career Discussions link

    Link for Education Observer Career Discussions

    Education Observer Career Discussions link

    This site onclude Educational News, Scholarship News, a Discussion Forum to post your educational and career queries, and a a number of Model Examinations .

    Entrance Exams 2012 Education and Career in India

    Link for Entrance Exams 2012 Education and Career in India.


    This site provide information about Education and Career to students and job seekers of India

    National Talent Search Examination exam preparation


    National Talent Search Examination is a national-level scholarship program in India to build and nurture the budding talent of the country studying abroad also. Only the students studying in Class Xth are eligible for the selection process. This is initiative by the NCERT helps to strengthen & enhance the psychological/mental capabilities of their developing brains which also motivates the students think beyond the limits.

    This site is good to know more about NTSE and also help to prepare with sample test and courses.

    NTSE 2012-2013 for Class 10th

    Other details of things which include in above link is as follows.

    AIEEE 2012 online test series
    KVS Mathematics Olympiad 2012-2013
    NTSE 2012-2013 for Class 10th
    CMAT-Common Management Admission Test
    National Defense Academy 2012
    CSAT(Civil Services Aptitude Test)
    BITSAT 2013 Test Preparation
    AIEEE 2012 online test series
    KVS Mathematics Olympiad 2012-2013
    NTSE 2012-2013 for Class 10th
    CMAT-Common Management Admission Test
    National Defense Academy 2012
    CSAT(Civil Services Aptitude Test)
    BITSAT 2013 Test Preparation


    State Board

    Book's Discussion

    D. SHARMA (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
    R.S. AGGARWAL (9th and 10th)
    M.L. AGGARWAL (9th and 10th)
    N.C.E.R.T. (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
    HALL & KNIGHT (Algebra)
    I.A. MARON (Calculus)
    THOMAS FINNEY (Calculus)
    S.L.LONEY (Trigonometry)
    S.L.LONEY (Coordinate Geometry)
    A DAS GUPTA IIT Mathematics

    Video TeachingWatch a Video Tour

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    MLM guideline passed by Rajasthan Govt

    mlm guidelines

    mlm guidelines

    Rajasthan Government has passed Guideline for Multilevel marketing companies. Due to some some problem Govt order to close RCM companies but after 114 days strike by distributors Govt pass new guideline rules and regulation which need to follow by MLM companies.