Sunday, April 19, 2015

Utilization of Youtube website

If you have adsense account then do be restrict only for you blogging and articles you may choose other ways to earn more traffic and earning.

If you have interest in videography then you can earn money from Youtube website. you can upload your videos to Youtube  and Youtube  provide you facility to links your video posts to adsense and that videos will display advertisement .

Today lot of people earning money from Youtube  more than blogging but on posting Youtube  site your post should be unique and made you yourself.

It should not copyright otherwise they will disable for adsense linking after one warning. Only first mistake is allowed there.

Any type of post if its have good quality and usable for audience then you can not believe how much traffic you can get.

Before posting content you can visit Youtube website and search videos on different topics and can see number of views. What type of content getting more traffic. If your video is viral then lot of people share in social networking sites like facebook and other sharing sites.

If you keep habit for regular posting then people will know you very well and will wait for you next posts. So keep your thinking global form earning and learning more and more.