Monday, May 11, 2015

Preference for Revenue Websites on blogs

Preference for Revenue Websites on blogs

If you are blogger and your blog is not linked for revenue earning with website then I will tell you which website you can prefer to link for revenue earning.

If you are new on blog then indiastudychannel is good website on which you can work for some days and can apply for google adsense account from there site and you can also earn pocket money from that site but you first try to get google adsense account.

If you are not able to get google adsense account from indiastudychannel then you can write your own blog at blogger website at least you should write for one year to become good blogger then apply for google adsense.

If you still not able to get google adsense account then you can go for other website which is infolinks .Infolinks website should be your second preference.

Third preference I want to give for kontera website.

Fourth preference I want to give for chitika website.

Fifth preference if you do not want to link with revenue from blog then you can directly work to boddunan website.Boddunan give money on each article and on other activity also.

Seventh preference is indyarocks website where you can posts photos ,videos and can send free sms too.

For dot net programmer there is one dotnetspider website where you can earn money on code posting and giving answer for technical question.

Lot of other spider website like Gujaratspider,Maharastrspider,indiareviewchannel,hamaraup etc you can search on google to get more details.

No other website I can prefer you because lot of sites which are totally fraud.