Friday, June 5, 2015

Good Quality posts should be never expired type

As per my views Good Quality posts should be never expired type  it means if your posts is short term for example news type posts are short term post people like to ready daily new and latest news so your post age is for one or two days.

Some people like to write posts about property sale,rent etc that are valuable posts for public and That type post have more than one month age and you will also get good revenue due to good traffic.

Some people like to write about education that type of post will not get much traffics like property type posts but its long time age type post it will expire only if version of your subject changed.

If you are writing posts for ERP then you will also get good traffic but public for ERP that will be your selection has limited public but if you will write more about daily Error and Troubleshooting type post which has good solution of errors than you will get good traffic.

You can also select subject which are typical for students like mathematics solution students can search on Internet.

People also like to search about new mobile games,earning opportunities, insurance comparison ,home remedies, new recipes, good restaurants in your cities etc.

You posts will get good traffic on working days but on weekly holidays there will be less traffic so in holiday peoples like to do entertainment so you can write about Bollywood,Hollywood, actors actress ,amazing video clips etc.

You can also upload videos to youtube but your videos should be unique in the internet world and it should not be copied,it should not be recorded from TV and channels.

I am sharing my writing experience here it can help you to select your topic for writings.