Friday, May 12, 2017

New Blogger Templates CONTEMPO, SOHO, EMPORIO , NOTABLE Review

Currently I seen Lot of new free template for blogger like  CONTEMPO, SOHO, EMPORIO , NOTABLE  etc.

I tried one by one in my blogs but I find EMPORIO  is best one.

I want to share my review on this template.

Review:- I want to give 8 mark out of 10 , 2 marks I have deducted due to paging option not there and adsense placing flexibility is not exist.

By old template I was getting lot of error in webmaster structured data in search appearing but after applying new template all error automatically resolved so overall new template is good on design and its SEO error free.

I hope my searching will improve after some times and indexing will also increase as per quality of contents.

I hope for some new template from blogger which will include paging option instead of show old posts.

Paging will help users to go on desired page so it will be user friendly. Archie section and changes on single page and main blog url also improved in new templates.

You can also hide or visible gadget as per your requirement instead of removing gadgets.

Page speed also increased in new templates.

All new templates CONTEMPO, SOHO, EMPORIO , NOTABLE are stunning, modern and functional in nature.

Notable is your notepad for scribbles.
Emporio can take any array of posts and display them in a neat and tidy way.
Soho is a gallery built to showcase your latest photos, designs or musings in their best light.
Contempo  is for story, Contempo puts a fresh, modern spin on life’s many adventures.