Monday, June 12, 2017

My Blogging Journey on Internet

I remember that on initial stage my salary was Rs. 1500 per month that was just pocket money so I was searching something on the internet to earn more and on search basis, I was getting many sites to earn but mostly 95 percent was a fake website.

I tried many networking sites which pays money on opening email, adding friends or joining members, clicking on ads views etc but at last, I was wasted my lot of time there and get nothing.

After some times I got one or two article writing website they pay money on writing articles but very fewer money Rs. 10 to 50 per article.

On article site I earn some money and got a cheque from them then I started to believe on the internet earning that some website really pays money.

I worked on article site for 1 or 2 years but I was not able to earn Rs. 1000 per month. It was average Rs. 500 per month.

When I hear something about revenue sharing websites I started to search for them then found info-links, Chitika, Kontera etc but they also not pay much money.

Then I get information for google adsense from google searching then I read and understand it. The rule was there your blog should be 6-month-old and well quality post required. To continue with AdSense we need to apply for Google Adsense using our blog URL if your blog is approved by them then you will get one google Adsense account number.

I was very happy that I got some good information then I started my blog and posted some posts there and after 6 months I applied for Google Adsense. Google reviewed it but the first time it's rejected by google.

I was unhappy again but I continue my try and after one year I created one new blog on other website and created only 2 good posts there this time my good luck and got Adsense account approved from google.

I was very much happy that day. After that, I linked 7 blogs to Adsense and started to earn good pocket money.

From that day I stopped working on other fake websites and  Google saved my time due to Adsense account.

I informed about Adsense account to my friends also some got approval some got rejected but its part of life.

In future, if everything will go well then will think more on it. I have shared my thinking you can comment your Ideas to filter my thinking.

Now since 7 years, I am blogging happily. I am blogging on information technology, ERP, Divine, Fun job etc.

Thanks and regards,

Santosh Kumar Singh