Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adsense revenue for lifetime

If you Want a site that gives you lifetime 90% of Adsense revenue? Your wait is over, offers 90% of Adsense revenue for lifetime.

For blogs owners, they are now accepting guest posts in PR4 site:

Only high quality articles will be published to maintain the quality of the network.

They do not accept posts by emails.They offer self service - you post yourself, and we will review, edit and publish within 24 hours.

You can create one search engine friendly backlink to your blog/website that you want to promote. Theyuse AdSense in the articles and anything that is against AdSense T&C are not allowed.

They do not allow "Author Bio", even though the article will be published in your name. The backlink should be from within the content and it should be relevant and related to the content.

Here is a bonus for guest authors! You can link your AdSense account to your account and take the AdSense revenue from your own content.

Most authors will get AdSense revenue for unlimited time but authors who post only articles with backlinks may get AdSense revenue for a limited time (1 ~ 2 years for each article)