Saturday, June 22, 2013

Filmmaking workshop blog link by Kavita joshi

 This is good link for details of Film making workshop blog link posted by Kavita joshi.

posted by Kavita joshi

In this link you can get many posts related to film making workshops, Tales from margins,My body my weapon,little by little one travels far etc.

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Kavita joshi is Independent filmmaker based in Delhi. Also design and conduct workshops and training programmes in filmmaking. Can be contacted at kj.impulse AT

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The International Association of Women in Radio and Television is a non–profit organization of women working in the electronic and allied media. IAWRT seeks to ensure that women’s views and values become an integral part of program making. It offers professional skill-training to women; provides grants and fellowships; and presents awards of excellence. It helps members share inputs by organizing workshops and festivals round the world. This is the page of the India Chapter.


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Delhi Film Archive is a space that supports the freedom of expression and fearless listening. It is an archive of documentaries, short films, images and all other material that stimulate a collective response to censorship and the control of ideas. DFA is the Delhi chapter of Films For Freedom, an all India collective of filmmakers that emerged in 2003 to protest against censorship at the Mumbai International Film Festival and in different public spaces across India.