Friday, December 6, 2013

article,blog writing tips

If you are a blogger then you always think for better traffic and better revenue earning but you can not achieve that target until hard and smart work.

I want to share some tips which can help you a lot.

1. Write blog post in your mind words and views do not try to copy paste contents.
2. Try to include image to give clear picture of your article.
3. Do not forget to write alt tag value and title of image its helpful for better searching in search engine.
4. If your article is nice then share in your topic related community on social networking site and try to increase audience in your community.
5. Add your url to google ,bing and yahoo search directories.
6. Link twitter account to your post and your  post should be posted in twitter as twit .
7. Write good keywords in your blog and label tag do not write duplicate keywords.
8. Add important blog to your email signature and set in auto reply.
 9. Post comments of your link to other popular blogs.
10. Reply on comments to your blog which is posted by other users.