Sunday, December 20, 2015

Changes while Searching on google from last few days

We have observe that there are lot of Changes while Searching  on google from last few days. I feel that google is not giving good credit of lower version ERP posts but previously we able to find related post to lower and upper version both.

Like previously I have written lot of post in Ax version 4.0 and 2009 but this time that posts are not appearing on first page but whatever posts I have posted for version 2012 its appearing in search results.

I hope google keep doing R & D on our posts and they index as per new posts which is on demand for new version on technology.

So if you are not updated day by day and working on lower version of ERP then its going to panic on google search for you.

Second things I noted that there are high competition with other website so our ranking goes down day by day .

You can not retain your ranking if you are not working hard and smart.

There should be option to search on older posts to in google to get more benefit. I hope google will implement my suggestion.

Monday, November 30, 2015

SEO Tools used for blogging

You can use SEO Tool for blogging purpose.

1. Search for blog analyzer then put your url to check and analyse your blog.It will show you your blog position,html errors,links,page speed etc.

2.There are lot of web master tool on which google web master tool is best so do not forget to add url to google webmaster . You can check there html improvement, Internal links,Google index status,keywords of your blogs ,keyword performance on blog.

3.Alex Rank- You can check your site rank in alexa .

4.Use tools of widget to share in social networking site to promote your blogs.

5.Search tools which can help you to find broken links for your blog its broken link checker.

And lot of other tools can help you to increase blog quality.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sites to earn money from home,paid mail,play games,online activities

There are lot of site to earn money from home.

1.Moneymail -One moneymail website where you can earn money you need to spend 1 hr daily and earn good handsome money. You need internet access at your machine.

2.Sendearnings -This is also a good site you can Play Games , Shop Online Search the Web , Redeem Coupons here.

3.matrixmails-Its risk-free opportunities to earn money . You need to join this site.

4.Cash4offers-You can earn money here by reading mail and other online activities.

5.Paisalive- You can earn money from this site by using paid mail daily.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Places for Keywords for blogger's blogs

If you are writing blogs at blogger website then you should know about places where you can put your keywords.

1. Title of Posts:You should always write some unique keywords at title place its important and it can be good preference by search engine.

2. Label of Posts: You can write keywords in label section also. It should be separated by comma.
Label tags

3. Search Description:You can write keywords in search description section.You can search on google to get more idea about this section.

4. Tag in Image: You do not forget to write tag name, alt name etc for your image. Its better if your image name include good name. You can write caption for your image .

Tag in image

5.Blog template:You can write keywords in blog template by editing htlm page for the same but before doing this you should take backup of your template to avoid future troubleshooting.

Also try to avoid duplication of title, keywords, and images. Check your text in google search engine before final posting.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Good Quality posts should be never expired type

As per my views Good Quality posts should be never expired type  it means if your posts is short term for example news type posts are short term post people like to ready daily new and latest news so your post age is for one or two days.

Some people like to write posts about property sale,rent etc that are valuable posts for public and That type post have more than one month age and you will also get good revenue due to good traffic.

Some people like to write about education that type of post will not get much traffics like property type posts but its long time age type post it will expire only if version of your subject changed.

If you are writing posts for ERP then you will also get good traffic but public for ERP that will be your selection has limited public but if you will write more about daily Error and Troubleshooting type post which has good solution of errors than you will get good traffic.

You can also select subject which are typical for students like mathematics solution students can search on Internet.

People also like to search about new mobile games,earning opportunities, insurance comparison ,home remedies, new recipes, good restaurants in your cities etc.

You posts will get good traffic on working days but on weekly holidays there will be less traffic so in holiday peoples like to do entertainment so you can write about Bollywood,Hollywood, actors actress ,amazing video clips etc.

You can also upload videos to youtube but your videos should be unique in the internet world and it should not be copied,it should not be recorded from TV and channels.

I am sharing my writing experience here it can help you to select your topic for writings. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Preference for Revenue Websites on blogs

Preference for Revenue Websites on blogs

If you are blogger and your blog is not linked for revenue earning with website then I will tell you which website you can prefer to link for revenue earning.

If you are new on blog then indiastudychannel is good website on which you can work for some days and can apply for google adsense account from there site and you can also earn pocket money from that site but you first try to get google adsense account.

If you are not able to get google adsense account from indiastudychannel then you can write your own blog at blogger website at least you should write for one year to become good blogger then apply for google adsense.

If you still not able to get google adsense account then you can go for other website which is infolinks .Infolinks website should be your second preference.

Third preference I want to give for kontera website.

Fourth preference I want to give for chitika website.

Fifth preference if you do not want to link with revenue from blog then you can directly work to boddunan website.Boddunan give money on each article and on other activity also.

Seventh preference is indyarocks website where you can posts photos ,videos and can send free sms too.

For dot net programmer there is one dotnetspider website where you can earn money on code posting and giving answer for technical question.

Lot of other spider website like Gujaratspider,Maharastrspider,indiareviewchannel,hamaraup etc you can search on google to get more details.

No other website I can prefer you because lot of sites which are totally fraud.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Utilization of Youtube website

If you have adsense account then do be restrict only for you blogging and articles you may choose other ways to earn more traffic and earning.

If you have interest in videography then you can earn money from Youtube website. you can upload your videos to Youtube  and Youtube  provide you facility to links your video posts to adsense and that videos will display advertisement .

Today lot of people earning money from Youtube  more than blogging but on posting Youtube  site your post should be unique and made you yourself.

It should not copyright otherwise they will disable for adsense linking after one warning. Only first mistake is allowed there.

Any type of post if its have good quality and usable for audience then you can not believe how much traffic you can get.

Before posting content you can visit Youtube website and search videos on different topics and can see number of views. What type of content getting more traffic. If your video is viral then lot of people share in social networking sites like facebook and other sharing sites.

If you keep habit for regular posting then people will know you very well and will wait for you next posts. So keep your thinking global form earning and learning more and more.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SEO Tips for Posting new Things.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization ) Tips for Posting new Things.

If you are new in SEO(Search Engine Optimization ). then I want to share something to you  on posting new things. I you want to know about SEO then read below.


If you are thinking that if you will post a lot of posts then you will get blog traffic then its wrong if you post one single post include a lot of matters then it means your are helper of search engine.

If you are thinking then if you will copy posts from other sites and post in your blog then you will get traffic then you are wrong your content should be unique from internet world.

Search engine is very smart to catch new contents and index it so quality matters for overall performance of your blog.

You also need to include good keywords which is related to your contents will help also. You can search on google to find good keywords for your posts.

Monday, February 2, 2015

How to promote your blogs,posts,articles and businesses.

Ways  to promote your blogs,posts,articles and businesses.

If you are writing blogs then if you need to .to promote your blogs. There are some ways to promote your blog's posts.

1. Create group in social networking website like facebook, shtyle etc. Add all friends to your groups.

2. Add new post to that group and increase members in your group day by day. You will get member automatically if your posts are good quality and usable for public and friends.

3.Add your link to twitter for auto twit, there are some website which will post your blog new post to twitter and facebook automatically i.e. dlvr website is one of them.

4. You can use google adwords program for your blog promotion.

5. Post good quality post so people will link your post automatically.

6. Article length should be more than 300 words to look good quality.

7. Check spelling mistake at the end before publishing the post.

8. Check image size it should not overlap to advertisement.

9. Keep content user friendly.

10. Use simple language to understand normal people easily.