Monday, February 2, 2015

How to promote your blogs,posts,articles and businesses.

Ways  to promote your blogs,posts,articles and businesses.

If you are writing blogs then if you need to .to promote your blogs. There are some ways to promote your blog's posts.

1. Create group in social networking website like facebook, shtyle etc. Add all friends to your groups.

2. Add new post to that group and increase members in your group day by day. You will get member automatically if your posts are good quality and usable for public and friends.

3.Add your link to twitter for auto twit, there are some website which will post your blog new post to twitter and facebook automatically i.e. dlvr website is one of them.

4. You can use google adwords program for your blog promotion.

5. Post good quality post so people will link your post automatically.

6. Article length should be more than 300 words to look good quality.

7. Check spelling mistake at the end before publishing the post.

8. Check image size it should not overlap to advertisement.

9. Keep content user friendly.

10. Use simple language to understand normal people easily.