Sunday, July 19, 2015

Places for Keywords for blogger's blogs

If you are writing blogs at blogger website then you should know about places where you can put your keywords.

1. Title of Posts:You should always write some unique keywords at title place its important and it can be good preference by search engine.

2. Label of Posts: You can write keywords in label section also. It should be separated by comma.
Label tags

3. Search Description:You can write keywords in search description section.You can search on google to get more idea about this section.

4. Tag in Image: You do not forget to write tag name, alt name etc for your image. Its better if your image name include good name. You can write caption for your image .

Tag in image

5.Blog template:You can write keywords in blog template by editing htlm page for the same but before doing this you should take backup of your template to avoid future troubleshooting.

Also try to avoid duplication of title, keywords, and images. Check your text in google search engine before final posting.