Sunday, December 20, 2015

Changes while Searching on google from last few days

We have observe that there are lot of Changes while Searching  on google from last few days. I feel that google is not giving good credit of lower version ERP posts but previously we able to find related post to lower and upper version both.

Like previously I have written lot of post in Ax version 4.0 and 2009 but this time that posts are not appearing on first page but whatever posts I have posted for version 2012 its appearing in search results.

I hope google keep doing R & D on our posts and they index as per new posts which is on demand for new version on technology.

So if you are not updated day by day and working on lower version of ERP then its going to panic on google search for you.

Second things I noted that there are high competition with other website so our ranking goes down day by day .

You can not retain your ranking if you are not working hard and smart.

There should be option to search on older posts to in google to get more benefit. I hope google will implement my suggestion.