Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What is on Internet?

What is on Internet to do on your bore time?

There is  a big question that what is on internet and what things you can do if you are feeling bore.

I am giving point by point hints that what things you can do on internet.

1, First thing is you can learn and can do lot of research on internet like on Wikipedia, ebook,Audio books,video books etc.

2.You can watch google video,YouTube videos,movies,TV,Short comedy clips etc.

3.You can use your live webcam to interact with other users.

4.You can upload different image ,search and watch on internet.

5.You can listen radio FM and also can find and purchase musics. 

6. You can find lyrics for different music on internet.

7.You can play online games through yahoo,miniclips,pogo,shockwaves etc websites.

8.You can learn languages for different videos sites also.

9. You can shop anything from internet.

10.You can find Directions, Maps, and Geographic information from internet.

11.You can read news from different languages.

12.You can communicate Chat, E-mail, Forums, IM, blogs, VoIP etc.

13. Surf to your social site for new feeds and read new message and emails.

14. Read small stories from different sites.

15. Read funny SMS,chutkule from different sites.

16. Watch episodes which you like most.