Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blogging tips for blogger on SEO point of view

If you are writing blog then keep following points in your mind.

1. Write unique contents it means whatever you written on your posts it should not match with any posts on internet. To check duplication of contents you can copy and paste on google search it content will match than that will come in bold text.

2. Avoid url duplication . To handle url you should check your label if label already exist in your blog then do not write duplicate label same way do not duplicate title with your other post.

3. Avoid to write short contents-You can check you htlm status of article in webmaster tools of google. On search appearance ->html improvement like below image. You can check short meta tag also.

html improvement

4. Do not put title too much long otherwise it will be seo error on long title tag and same way do not make it too short it should be like 70 character.

5.Write keyword but avoid to write duplicate keywords on label section.

6. Keyword should not include like sentence it should be word specific to single word.