Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Top adsense earner earn from blogs

After searching in google I got lot of top earner list we can not be top earner if we are not good writer. I want to share tips if you implement that then you can be good earner or could be come in top earner list.

1. I seen sites of top earners and they are earning good money from blog but blog is not from sub domain they have his own domain so conclusion is you should buy domain first to earn good money.

2.Top earner used H2 font size for title tags.

3.They use images in each posts and all image is with good pixel quality so use good cameras to take picture and set it in good location in your posts.  Images should be related to your posts contents.

4.Menu item should be at top after website title.

5.You website should have good alexa rank and should have enough content and content should be new and expressive.

6.English writing should be strong for good impression with users.

7.Blog should be divided in maximum two column and content column width should be bigger.

8.Use graphical data view to understand posts summary easily .

9.Your posts should be shareable by users.

10.Try to show lot of posts in home page and each post should be expandable.