Monday, April 10, 2017

Difference between new and old visa during immigration process inside airport

I visited two time in Saudi Arabia so I get experience on visa checking process. I am writing my experience here so it can help you if you are new to visit any place.


For example you are living in India and going from India  to Jeddah then when you enter in Indian airport then for you need to find your boarding ticket so you need to go to boarding ticket counter.

They will take your luggage and will check your passport and ticket and will give you boarding ticket and immigration form then you will  get your gate and seat details.

After that you need to go for security checking after clearing the security checking then you need to go to immigration department or window.

In immigration  window you need to fill up immigration form and submit it then they will put stamp on your form.

After immigration process you can go to catch your flight.

When you will reach your destination you again go to immigration  counter there you may face two type of counter new visa line and old visa line.

New visa mean you are visiting first time in that country but if you have already visited that country and going second time that means you should be in queue of old visa.

There they will put stamp then after that you need to collect your luggage from mentioned number on display board.

On returning both place stamp from immigration window is  required on passport is a full process of journey but difference is you do not need to fill up form on return rest process is same.